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Drimnin Estate is commencing a review of its future strategy and plans

The review is being undertaken now as most of the key elements of our previous plans have been completed and we face significant need for change in relation to factors such as climate, the natural environment, governmental policy and agricultural support. We will be undertaking the review with support from our existing advisers as well as a firm specialising in this sort of strategic review.

Community Input:

Before we start formulating specific proposals, our intention is to ensure the widest possible consultation with the local community and other interested stakeholders to enable us to obtain as much input from members of the community as possible.

To facilitate discussion we held an open meeting for the community in the Village Hall on Tuesday 10 October . A short presentation outlining some initial thoughts on objectives and possible actions, was followed by a longer discussion. We would like to thank all who were able to attend the meeting for their input. A pdf copy of the powerpoint presentation can be found by clicking the link below. 

If you were unable to attend the meeting or have further comments we are hoping to update our website to allow you to upload any comment, thoughts or ideas via our website. But in the mean time if you wish to contact us directly please scroll to a section near the bottom of our contacts page where you can leave us a message, or send an email to with a subject title "Feedback Drimnin Estate Future Strategy & Plans".

We look forward to hearing from you

Derek and Louise Lewis