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Drimnin Estate Plans

Future plans for Drimnin Estate are designed to continue the policies that have guided its activities in recent years, which are to ensure that it is sustainable in environmental and economic terms, contributing to the vitality of the local community and conserving the landscape, buildings and unique ambience of the area.

Previous Work

Drimnin Timber Pier

The previous long-term forest plan aim was to achieve economic viability for the commercial forests, conservation of the ancient native woodlands and the planting of new woodland, in particular on the northern bank of the Mungosdail River. The following is now complete, or is ongoing:

  1. Restructure Mungosdail Forest over time – possible peatland restoration and greater species diversity
  2. Allow deer access to Auliston Plantation and restructure when felled
  3. Protect Drumbuidhe regeneration area
  4. Promote regeneration in SSSI west of Sornagan by creating enclosures and take similar action south of Auliston
  5. Selective planting and rhododendron control in policy woodlands and restructure Alice Horsman wood
  6. Plant ca 40ha between Allt Crun and Auliston plantations
  7. Construct new timber transport road and pier site

Developing the Future Plans for Drimnin Estate

The review is being undertaken now as most of the key elements of our previous plans have been completed and we face significant need for change in relation to factors such as climate, the natural environment, governmental policy and agricultural support. We will be undertaking the review with support from our existing advisers as well as a firm specialising in this sort of strategic review.

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What we plan to do:

  • Consider options over the next few months with input from the community
  • Evaluate options with advisers and steering group
  • Develop phased plan
  • Secure necessary consents
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These are all ideas and questions to think about (but not proposals at this point), we value your opinion. If you would like to get in touch with your thoughts/concerns or ideas please do so via our contacts page.