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Ncn'ean Distillery


A young, independent whisky distillery, Ncn’ean started distilling here on Drimnin Estate an organic single malt whisky in March 2017.

Annabel, CEO and Founder said “We’re using some of the most imaginative distilling ideas from around the world and the best ingredients Scotland has to offer. We’re aiming to create a spirit that’s fruity, smooth and easy to drink and mix. We’re trying longer mashing times and slower fermentation, and experimenting with yeasts not commonly used in distilling.”

The distillery is also committed to a sustainable approach. Believed to be the first organic whisky distillery in Scotland, its stills are powered with woodchip from a local forest and all by-products are used on the farm as feed or fertiliser.

The name Ncn’ean (pronounced Nc-ne-an, which sounds like Nc-knee-anne) comes from Neachneohain, the Queen of Spirits in Gaelic legend. Neachneohain was a huntress: strong, independent and never afraid to walk her own path. A quiet rebel. She was also a fierce protector of nature.

The distillery is offering tours (pre-booking required) which include speciality cupcakes, cocktails and a taste of the new make spirit. It is releasing a limited number of early casks for sale in bond and has plans to explore some more experimental early spirits next year. The first whisky is expected to be released in 2020.

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